On November 8, 2013 a Category 5 Super Typhoon, made landfall on Bantayan Island and destroyed most of the homes of the peaceful fishermen of this tiny island. Our ministry to these desperate people is to rebuild their homes, provide food, clothing and medical supplies.

100% of ever donation made for the people of Bantayan Island goes to help the people. We have been blessed by the Lord through our publishing company and by the sale of our own home in the U.S. which allows us to pay for our own expenses, travel, and home without placing a burden on the ministry to Bantayan Island.


Super Typhoon Yolands Strikes Bantayan Island

We have been on Bantayan Island since December of 2010. We sold our home in Northern Arizona in 2011 and built a small home at Santa Fe on Bantayan Island in 2011. We live amongst the fishermen near the Pantalan (Pier) at Santa Fe.

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It will take many years to rebuild the massive destruction on Bantayan Island. If you would like to set up a monthly donation to continue to help us rebuild the lives of these dear people, you can indicated this as a reccuring monthly donation once you click on the "Donate To Teach The Word Ministries," below.

If you are led to consider coming alongside us in helping these precious people, this short video will give you a greater look into their lives and how you can help.

The following is a short 8 minute video that depicts the lives of the incredible people of Bantayan Island.

Our Second Video Showing How our Ministry Began on Bantayan Island

The people of Bantayan Island are Fishermen and Farmers by trade. They live in simple Nipa Huts made from the elements of the Island. Woven Coconut Palm Frawns, Bamboo, and Tin Roofs.

When we first came to Bantayan Island we walked along the beach at Santa Fe Municipality and went into the fishing villages along the sea. We talked with the people and saw the conditions that they were living under. Their homes are not what most people would call a home.

nipa_huts_of_bantayan_island the_shelter_of_bantayan_island_people

These simple Island people have very little, yet they are a joyful and loving people.

Their children frolic and play along the beach. They attend schools made from materials similar to their homes, also in need of repair.

Most homes have no running water, kitchens or restrooms. The children relieve themselves on the sand and bury the waste. Mothers cook their families simple diet of fish and rice on outdoor fire pits fueled from native dried coconut shells.

Their clothes are old and tattered and they walk on bare feet or old flip flops. There is no milk for children, no medical supplies, no money to see a doctor if an illness or injury should occur.

$10.00 a month will buy enough rice to feed an entire family. $500.00 would purchase materials to build a new home. $1,000.00 would provide medical care and medicine for 10 families.

We are a former pastor and wife team who ministered at two small churches in Arizona for 14 years. A Part of the Calvary Chapel Movement since 1975, Rob has served in various Calvary Chapel Ministries for over 35 years.

Marissa is a native Filipino from Cebu who grew up not more than 50 miles from Bantayan Island. She speaks the language of the people of Bantayan Island and has loved the time she has spent with the people of the island. Marissa describes the people in the fishing villages and very humble and loving. They are kind and considerate, and in most cases they are hesitant to accept help from others.

There are many physically and mentally disabled who have received no help from the outside world whatsoever. The disabled we have had contact with are extraordinarily beautiful in spirit, despite some of their debilitating infirmities.

a_dissabled_friend_on_bantayan_island a_smile_from_a_dear_friend  

From our first visit to the island, and after a long period of prayer in seeking the Lord in our next ministry opportunity, we came to Bantayan Island with great excitement and anticipation. This is a ministry opportunity unlike any other. Isolated from the world, even from their own country, Bantayan Islanders live in a world that is 50 years behind even most Filipino's. They live much as they have for hundreds of years, except that the fishing trade that supplies most of their sustenance has greatly decreased over the past few years.

No longer able to provide as much fish or seafood as before, not having money to buy rice, many families are now struggling to just survive day by day.

We are asking you to please consider coming along side of us in this great work to a precious people. It does not take much to make life so much better for these amazing people. Marissa and I have our own financial resources that provide all of our personal needs. We are not asking anyone to provide anything for us.

Our plea is for the people of Bantayan Island. No one is helping them, we want to make a difference in their lives. We need monthly support from hundreds of people around the world. A donation of even 10 or 20 dollars per month will go so far in helping these people who have nothing. If you can make a one time gift of any amount, all the funds that are given to the people of Bantayan Island, goes to them. There are no administrative costs you will be paying for. No salaries or team members that you will be supporting.

When you give to the people of Bantayan Island, it will be as if you came here yourself personally and gave them a new home, food, clothing or medical needs. This is one of the reasons that Marissa and I are perfect for this island is that we do not need to ask you for help for our needs, only that you would  help the people on the island.

If you are moved to make a difference in the life of someone that will never be able to repay you. If you understand that when you feed someone in Jesus name, you are feeding Him. If you love someone in Jesus name, you are loving Him. This is because Jesus has such a very special place in His heart for the poor. He said that when you lend to the poor you are lending to Him.

We hope that you will help us to minister to these wonderful people in such need. You can click on the "Donate to Teach The Word" button below which will take you to PayPal where we have set up a safe and secure donation source to receive money for the people of Bantayan Island.

Your gifts are fully tax deductible as we are a church ministry recognized by the United States Internal Revenue as a Church, Religious,  Non Profit Corporation.

Pastor Rob and Marissa Robinson
Teach The Word Ministries, Inc


May the Lord continue to Bless you as you serve Him by supporting those who minister to the lost.

The Link Below directs you to Paypal where you can make a safe and secure donation of any amount by Paypal, Visa, or Master Card

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