Bantayan Island Weather Update: September 30, 2011

The current weather on Bantayan Island is party cloudy with relatively calm seas. Forcast is for isolated rain showers or thunderstorms with winds southwesterly up to 10 meters per second. Seas will be slight to moderate southwest except during periods of thunderstorms.

If you are arriving on Bantayan Island by Ferry, expect relatively calm seas today. It is expected that the weather will begin to change early Saturday morning with the possibility of rougher seas, rain and wind on the island.

During the recent Typhoon “Pedring” many visitors were stranded on Bantayan Island from Monday-Wednesday this week due to the ceasing of Ferry service between Santa Fe Port and Hagnaya Port. Plan you vacation or visit to Bantayan accordingly as you anticipate the possibility that increases in rough seas this weekend may delay your return to Hagnaya Sunday or Monday.

I arrive on Bantayan Island yesterday at about 3 pm from Cebu and experienced calm seas with sunny to partly overcast skies.



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