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    Posted on November 1st, 2015

    Written by Juan Valdez


    An Open Letter to the Owners of Island Shipping

    Each morning, beginning at about 4:30 am, the sound of a yelling captain from one of the ferry’s of Island Shipping, can be heard over the ship’s loudspeaker at Pantalan in Santa Fe, on Bantayan Island. For several minutes this captain yells at his employees, as they seek to tie up the vessel to the […]

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    Posted on September 30th, 2011

    Written by Rob Robinson



    Bringing “Balikbayan Boxes” to Bantayan Island

    Bringing “Balikbayan Boxes” to Bantayan Island

    If you are planning to bring “Balikbayan Boxes” or other boxes of that size to Bantayan Island, expect that you may have to pay twice at Hagnaya and twice again at Santa Fe, to have these items loaded and unloaded onto the Ferry.

    When you arrive at Hagnaya, the porters will quickly storm your vehicle in hopes of having the opportunity to move your belongings to the passenger waiting area, and then onto the Ferry once loading begins.

    Pay special attention to the men who ask to move your belongings, as those without a shirt that says “Hupa” are not officially working for the port authority. If you allow these “unofficial” men to carry your boxes and then pay them a tip for doing so, you will have to pay a second time for a fee called “Arastre” which is the official fee set by the ports of Hagnaya and Santa Fe to pay the porters to move your belongings on to the Ferry.