Bantayan Island Places To See and Things To Do

Bantayan Island is a place of solitude and serenity. It is not a place one goes to for a shopping adventure, or a fashion eperience. This island is about peace. If you have had enough of the city and the lights, the noise,  polution and stress, then come to Bantayan Island and discover what Living in Paradise is all about.

Walk on the Powder White Sand Beaches of Santa Fe
Experience a Sunset on Alice Beach
Take a Scooter Trip to Bantayan Municipality
Have Lunch on the out door patio of Cou Cou's Restaurant
Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Seaside at The Ogtong Cave Resort Restaurant
Swim in the Crystal Clear Waters of the Ogtong Cave
Stay in a Beach Front Room on Alice Beach at Beach Placid Resort
Take a Day trip by Scooter to Madridejos Minicipality
Tour the 500 year old Sant Peter and Paul's Church at Bantayan
Snorkle in the Crystal Clear Aquamarine Waters of Santa Fe
Explore the Cocunut Lined Roads of the Fishing Villages and Talk to the  gentle and friendly Island People
Watch the Bantayan Island Children Run Down the Streets to their Classes or play with joy in the Blue Surf
Relax on a Coconut Lined White Sand Beach and Watch Local Fishermen Dive for Clams
Take an Island Hopping Trip to Paradise Beach or Virgin Island
Nap on the Beach and Dream of the Next Day's Adventure...

No Malls
No Movie theatres
No Traffic
No Stress
No Noise
No Problem Relaxing
No Way I Ever Want To Leave Here...

Travel to the Municipality of Bantayan, just 30 minutes by scooter from Santa Fe:


The first Christian church to be established in Cebu, Saint Peter and Paul's Church was founded on
 June 11, 1580.

Called the "Convento Dela Asuncion De Nuestra Snora" This 500 year old church was a part of the Archdiocese of Mexico. It is the oldest continual Christian church in the Philippines and still functions with church services being performed every week.

Built by an Ilongo priest by the name of Padre Doroteo Andrada del Rosario who lived from 1839-1863, father Rosario built the walls of the church from stones cut from the coral around Bantayan Island. The walls of the church are the thickest of all the churches in Cebu as this building was not only built for worship but also as a mini fortress to protect Christians from the constant attacks on the island by the muslim Moro's.

According to Wikipedia, "The Moro Rebellion (1899–1913) was an armed military conflict between Muslim Filipino revolutionary groups and the United States military which took place in the Philippines between 1899 to 1913, following the Spanish-American War in 1898. The word "Moro" was a term for Muslims who lived in the southern Philippines, an area that includes Mindanao and its neighbouring islands. The Moro Rebellion is referred to as the second phase of the Philippine-American War. Modern Muslim rebels of the southern Philippines see the Moro Rebellion as a continuing struggle against foreign rule."

During the Easter season when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Saint Peter and Paul's church on Bantayan Island becomes the center of attraction for the entire country of the Philippines.

This tiny island is host to thousands of addittional guests from all over the world who come to celebrate "Holy Week" on Bantayan Island. During this time of the year all the resorts and hotels on Bantayan Island increase their price by as much as triple the normal rate.

Plan to book your stay during Holy Week as much as a year in advance as rooms fill up close to a year ahead of the upcoming Holy Week Celebration.