Learning Cebuano
The Bible In Cebuano

The dialect spoken on the island of Cebu and Bantayan Island is called Bisaya. Which is understood in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Most Filipinos understand English, in some cases they understand what you are basically saying in English but cannot directly express it. However, if an American or a foreigner talks in a local dialect, Cebuano's appreciate your effort and they usually think that your accent is cute.  

English to Cebuano Phrases

Good Morning Maayong buntag Maayong buntag sad Good morning too
Good Afternoon Maayong hapon Maayong hapon sad Good afternoon too
Good Evening Maayong gabii Maayong gabii sad    Good evening too
Good Day Maayong adlaw Maayong adlaw sad Good day too
How are you? Kumusta ka? Maayo man, ikaw? I'm good, how about you?
Thank You Salamat Walay sapayan You're welcome
Thank You Very Much Daghang Salamat Walay sapayan You're welcome
What is Your Name? Unsa'y imong ngalan? Akong ngalan si Rob My name is Rob
Where Are You From? Taga diin ka? Taga-Arizona ko sa America I'm from Arizona in the USA
What Do I Call You? Unsa man akong itawag nimo Pwede ko nimo tawgon ug Rob You can call me Rob
You Have a Nice Message Nindot imong mensahe Mao ba? Salamat Really? thank you
When is Your Birthday? Kanus-a imong adlaw? Karong November 20, ang imo? This November 20, how about you?
Do You Understand Us? Kasabot ka namo? Oo, nakasabot ko ninyo. Yes, I understand you.
Do You understand me? Kasabot ka nako? Oo, nakasabot ko nimo. Yes, I understand you.
Where is the Restaurant? Asa ang restauran?
Where is the beach? Asa ang dagat?
What time is check out? Unsang orasa ang check-out? Alas onse sa buntag  It is at 11 am
Where is a good place to eat? Asa'y maayong restauran? Sulayi ang _____ restauran. Try the ___ restaurant
What time does the ferry to Hagnaya depart? Unsang orasa molarga ang ferry paingon sa Hagnaya? Alas ____ molarga ang ferry. The ferry departs at ___
Where is the restroom? Asa ang banyo?
How much are your rooms? Tagpila ang inyong mga  kwarto? Tag ___ ang mga kwarto The rooms are ____
Can I have my bill please? Pwede bang makuha ang akong bill?
Does this room have hot water? Naa ba'y init tubig ning kwartoha?
How many people can sleep in this room? Pila ka tawo ang pwedeng matulog ining kwartoha? Pwede ang ___ ka tawo ining kwartoha. This room is good for ___ persons.
Where can I rent a scooter? Asa ko pwedeng moabang ug scooter? Pwede kang moabang ug scooter sa _____. You can rent a scooter at _____.
What time is it now? Usang orasa na karon? Alas onse na karon It is now eleven o'clock
What time will you come? Usang orasa ka moanhi? Sa hapon, sadili pa mag alas singko In the afternoon, before five
What time will you arrive? Usang orasa ka moabot? Eksakto alas kwatro y medya sa hapon Exactly at 4:30pm
What time shall I see you? Usang orasa ako makigkita nimo Sa-pag-abot nako As soon as I arrive

Cebuano Translation of English Words:

Days of the Week
Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Myerkoles
Thursday Hwebes
Friday Byernes
Saturday Sabado
Sunday Dominggo
Months of the Year
January Enero
February Pebrero
March Marso
April Abril
May Mayo
June Hunyo
July Hulyo
August Agosto
September Septyembre
October Oktubre
November Nobyembre
December Disyembre
Spring Tingpamluak
Summer Ting Init
Fall Tingdagdag
Winter Tingtugnaw
Air Hangin
Cloud Gabon
Flood Baha
Lightning Kilat
Rain Ulan
Rainbow Balangaw
Shower Talithi, Talsik, taligsik
Sky Langit
Storm, Typhoon Bagyo
Thunder Dalogdog
Wind Hangin
Zero Sero, Wala (Nothing)
One Usa
Two Duha
Three Tulo
Four Upat
Five Lima
Six Unom
Seven Pito
Eight Walo
Nine Siyam
Ten Napulo
Common Expressions
Really? Lagi
Is that so? Diay ba?
Heaven forbid Simbako
God Willing Kon buut sa Dios
Your will be done Ikaw ang masunod
It's up to you Ikaw ang bahala
I'll take care of it Ako'y bahala
Don't lose hope Ayaw'g pakawala sa paglaum
I am wondering why? Ako nahibulong, ngano?
I am Hesitating Naghuha-duha ako
Never mind Sige na lang
It's all foolishness Pulus binuang
How beautiful is the morning Kathom sa kabuntagon
Wow, how nice! Ayay, kaayo
Wow, how beautiful! Ayay, katahom
Wow, how sweet! Ayay, pagkatam-is
What a good time we had Nalingaw kita, da
Time Related Terms
Today Karong adlawa
Tonight Karong gabi
Tomorrow ugma
Tomorrow Morning Ugma sa buntag
Tomorrow Noon Ugna sa udto
Tomorrow Afternoon Ugma sa hapon
Tomorrow Night or Evening Ugma sa gabi
Now Karon
Right Now Karon dayon
Later Unya
Early Early
Every Morning Kada buntag
Every Afternoon Kada hapon
One Day Usa ka adlaw
One Week Usa ka semana
One Month Usa ka bulun
One Year Usa ka tuig
Next day Sa sunod semana
Next Month Sa sunod bulan
Next Year Sa sunod tuig
Next Sunday Sa sunod Dominggo
Last Sunday Sa miaging Dominggo
Monetary Terms
Money Salapi, Kwarta
Money Changer Manunukli tig-ilis-og-kwarta
Money Lender Tigpahulam og salapi, tigpatanto
Paper Money Kwarta papel
Silver Money Slalping plata
Fond of Money Makisapi
Plenty of Money Daghan og sapi, sapian
Earnest Money Patinga
Bribe Money HipHip
Keep the Change Hipusa ang sukli
Give the Change Ambi ang sukli
Money in Coins Sensilyo
Have You any Money? May kwarta ka ba       Duna ka ba'y kwarta
I Haven't any Money at All Wala gayud ako'y
Give Them One Peso Each Apura sila'g pisos
How Much? Pila?
0.01-One Centavo Usa ka sintabos
0.050-Fifty Centavos Kalim'an ka sintabos
1.00-One Peso  Usa ka Piso (Piso)
2.00-Two Pesos Duha ka Pisos (Dos Pisos)
3.00-Three Pesos Tulo ka Pisos (Tres Pisos)
4.00-Four Pesos Upat ka pisos (Kwatro Pisos)
5.00-Five Pesos Lima ka pisos (Singko Pisos)
10.00-Ten Pesos Napulo ka pisos (Dyes Pisos)
20.00 Twenty Pesos Kawhaan ka pesos (Baynte Pisos)
30.00-Thirty Pesos Katloan ka pisos (Trynte Pisos)
100.00-One Hundred Pesos Usa ka gatus ka pisos  
500.00-Five Hundred Pesos Lima ka gatus ka pisos (Kinyentos Pisos)
1,000.00-One Thousand Pesos Usa ka libo ka pisos
The first translation above is the literal Cebauano but
it is not the common version that is used on the street.
Use the second translation in Parenthesis to be more correct.
Shopping or Buying Terms
How Much? Pila?
How Much is This? Pila Kini?
How Much is That? Pila Kana?
The Price is High Taas ra ang presyo
Can I Bargain? Makahangyo ba ako?
What is the Lowest Prce? Pila ang katapusang presyo
Very Expensive Mahal Kaayo
The Price is Cheap Ang presyo barato
The Price is Right Ang presyo sakto ra
Is This New? Bag-o ba kini
Is that New? Bag-o ba kana?
Is that Fresh? Lab-as ba kana
Is this Fresh Lab-as ba kini
Is this Old? Daan ba kini
Is that Old? Daan ba kana
The Small One Ang gamay
The Big One Ang dako
The Short One Ang mubo
The Long One Ang taas
The One in the Front Ang naa sa atbang
The One in the Middle Ang naa sa tunga
The One in the Back Ang naa sa luyo

All Words and Phrases taken from the Cebuano to
English Made Easy by C.S. Canonigo
ISBN 971-598-008-2