How To Contact Us:

Bantayan is an outreach ministry of Teach The Word Ministries Inc.

Pastor Rob and Marissa Robinson can be reached by email at:

Or write to us at:

Teach The Word Ministries Inc.
P.O. Box 70
Winslow, Arizona, 86047

Teach The Word Ministires
Peaceville Subdivision
San Isidro, Talisay
Cebu, Philippines

Our ministry to the 120,000 people of Bantayan Island depends of the faithful financial and prayerful support of people around the world to make minstry to these precious people possible.

If you are interested in coming to Bantayan Island for a visit and possible short term or long term stay with us to participate in the minsitry to these dear people of the Island, please write to pastor Rob and Marissa and tell them about yourself and how you would like to help us.

Ministry Goals for Bantayan Island:

We are planning to rebuild hundreds of the old and delapidated Nipa Hut homes of the native fishermen and farmers of Bantayan Island.

We will be bringing fresh water supplies into their homes.

Providing Rice and other basic food staples for at least 1,000 households.

Medical supplies, paid fees for doctors and hospitals.

Care for the elderly and rehabilitation

Prostetics, Wheel Chairs, Canes, Walkers and Beds for the dissabled.

Teaching verse by verse through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in English and Cebuano during weekly Bible studies, Sunday Services, Worship and Praise and Prayer services for the sick and opressed.

Pastor Rob Robinson has been affiliated with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa Californina for the past 35 years, being saved himself at Calvary Chapel West Covina under Pastor Raul in 1975 during the "Jesus People Movement".

Rob and Marissa are the current President/CEO and Vice President of Teach The Word Ministries Inc which distributes Bible commentary world-wide by MP3 Audio CD's and Downloads.

Rob has over 2,000 hours of published MP3 Bible Commentary and writes a syndicated Bible Prophecy and Bible Study column on Amazon

If you would like to help us financially with our work here on Bantayan Island, please know that we have no other means of supporting these dear people than your monthly financial offerings.

Pastor Rob and Marissa do not receive a salary, or any other support from this web site or the Ministry to Bantayan Island. All of their support comes from their own financial resources.


May the Lord continue to Bless you as you serve Him by supporting those who minister to the lost.

You can see and hear Pastor Rob's Bible Commentary at:

Suggestions and Comments

Direct all commnets and suggestions to or our new Blog for Bantayan where Rob and Marissa will post updates on the Ministry at Bantayan Island.